Progress Association granted rates support and events funding

The Pearl Beach Progress Association has received funding to help support the operation of its community events as part of Central Coast Council’s Community Support Grants Program.

The funding was announced at Council’s February 8 meeting.

Under the grants program, the Association has received a 50 per cent subsidy off the ordinary rates component due on its Memorial Hall for the financial year which calculates out to be approximately $2250.

The group also received $450 for Council reserve hire and equipment for children’s activities for an Australia Day event.

Council allocated $31,025 from its Community Support Grants Program to support a total of 12 local projects and events.

Council said these have been funded through existing and approved Operational Plan budgets.

Council Administrator Rik Hart said the grants program supports local community organisations to continue to deliver projects and activities that connect and create opportunities for local residents.

“It’s great to see 12 applicants receive necessary financial and in-kind support needed to deliver key community activities that bring local residents together and create a sense of belonging,” Hart said.

Maisy Rae