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Coasties are urged to continue undergoing testing in the wake of the latest outbreaks.

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I look forward to seeing the usual beaming photos of our local member Adam Crouch or Federal member Lucy Wicks as they pose beside a line of cars at an overstretched or closed COVID testing clinic, outside a pharmacy where there are no rapid antigen tests or with a group of exhausted doctors and nurses from a local hospital.

No doubt they will be able to reassure us how good it is that the Government is getting out of our lives and that this is the new normal, as we take personal responsibility for our own health during this shambolic response to the pandemic.

Email, Dec 5
Carey Buls, Saratoga

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  1. Well said, Carey. I also wonder if Ms Wicks is contemplating doing one of her “photo shoots” outside any of the retirement villages on the Central Coast. I think not, given her government’s disgusting, shambolic and hopeless vaccination programme for these villages. And now, instead of learning lessons from their previous stuff-ups, they are again failing these precious people by an absolutely disorganised booster programme. I watched a tv interview with SCOMO this morning, when this question was put to him. I have never in my life seen such a blatant attempt to brush this question aside with chest-beating remarks about how good the Federal government has been on blah, blah, blah. He did the same when confronted with a question regarding his government’s (again) stuff-up regarding the woeful undersupply of RATs. The sheer audacity of this man beggars belief. Does he really take us for fools, that we would believe the constant lies and spin that issues forth from him. Time will tell if we are taken in by his spin – if he wins the next election, then we are indeed the fools he takes us to be!!!

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