Injured seal in Brisbane Water

The injured male seal spotted in Brisbane Water. Image ORRCA member Mark Kratochvil

Early on Tuesday morning the ORRCA Rescue Hotline team received a call about an injured seal at Saratoga in Brisbane Waters.

This was a big male seal that has entered the safe waters of the bay to rest and recover from a severe trauma, likely a shark attack while out at sea.

If you are out and about in this area of the Central Coast in the coming days, please report any sighting of this seal. His injury is located on his righthand side around its flipper.

Our rescue team, and NPWS staff, were onsite with the seal for most of today before he headed off as the tide came in late this afternoon.

We are hoping, given time, this resilient species will make a recovery.

In the meantime please
🚨 respect his space
🚨 do not approach him as he is dangerous
🚨 do not feed him

As always, the quicker you contact ORRCA, the better the chance one of our rescue trained members can attend to a marine mammal in need of assessment.

Report all sightings of injured whales, dolphins, seals and dugongs into ORRCA on 02 9415 3333, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Information source: Social media post ORRCA Australia, Jan 11, 2021