Local battles for Rapid Antigen Tests

This local woman waited for hours for a RAT kit at Bensville Pharmacy.

Locals across the Central Coast have been engaged in what can best be described as a competitive battle for the coveted Rapid Antigen Tests.

Locals queue at Bensville Pharmacy waiting for the test kits to arrive.

Long queues at retail outlets such as chemists and grocery stores have meant some locals have waited for many hours in the heat, only to be disappointed as supplies quickly sold out.

Both the State and Federal Government have repeatedly promised that there will be ample supplies of the tests that are now a mandatory tool in virus management and reporting.

Bensville Pharmacy signalled via social media that they had been promised a shipment of 200 test packages, each containing 6 individual test kits.

A single test of the imported Hangzhou AllTest on offer.

A pack of the imported Hangzhou AllTest was retailing for $90, meaning that each individual test cost $15 retail.

Locals from across the district had seen the social media post and assembled before 9 am to queue for the tests that have become difficult to procure despite daily assurances from government officials and politicians.

The shipment that was meant to arrive at 10am on Wednesday morning though the driver didn’t arrive until midday.

The local cafe, located adjacent to the chemist was doing a roaring trade in refreshments. One woman became weak at the knees, stumbled and fell over while waiting. She was quickly attended to by bystanders and the cafe provided a chair and a cool drink.

Bystanders help a local woman who stumbled and fell in the heat while waiting.

Generally locals were patient and polite about the delays, though frustration was high as some people were allowed to buy up to 4 packs of 6 tests leaving others further back in the queue empty handed after hours waiting.

A local woman who wished to remain anonymous said she challenged the manager about their decision to sell on a ‘first come first serve’ basis only to be told to “get in early next time”.

With the State Government now mandating the use and reporting of Rapid Antigen Tests via the Service NSW app the public are left in a legal limbo if they can not afford or indeed get hold of the test kits.

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  1. Start looking after Aussies here first, stop sending testing kits overseas, and leaving us unable to get one here on the central coast. I’ve tried 6 different chemists without any kits available, WHY is it so hard??? WAKE UP Pr
    ime Minister!!!!!!!

  2. AMANDA PATMORE | January 20, 2022 at 3:56 pm |


  3. Ask Priminster Scott Morrison for his RAT kits. His family no doubt won’t have to look or even buy their RAT kits. Unlike the rest of us mere mortals, he gets his for FREE!!

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