An artistic adventure in ‘Dunderland’


An exhibition bringing together the work of Central Coast artists in the name of suicide prevention, mental health, trauma and recovery is poised to open this February.

Taking place at The Red Tree Gallery in Tuggerah, ‘Alice in Dunderland’ the exhibition is the brainchild of artists and art therapist Karen Adler.

It brings together more than 30 artists who work across a variety of mediums including paint, photography, film and mixed media works.

It will also include installations that incorporate items made from furniture, clothing, fabrics and bric-a-brac.

The intention is to create as clear a picture as possible of the power and the effectiveness of the arts in dealing with mental/emotional distress explains Karen.

“Alice was designed so that it can be viewed as a navigational tool, showing the way from an experience of trauma, moving through our darkest days and then back into the light, coming home to ourselves.

“The potential for transformation is important, particularly in these days of COVID and climate change, in which our resources – both internal and external – are stretched to breaking point,” she said.

The exhibition will also carry an educational strand entitled “Truth telling & Consequences”.

The educational forum, will include the screening of the Letters From Generation Rx documentary which addresses connections between psychiatric medications, suicide and homicide.

The event will be streamed and will count as part of ongoing professional development with the Australian Counselling Association.

The exhibition will be opened by Liesl Tesch MP, on Friday February 11 at 4pm.

Nicola Riches

2 Comments on "An artistic adventure in ‘Dunderland’"

  1. Thanks so much for bringing attention to this very important topic. It’s essential that people learn coping skills and emotional intelligence rather than ending up diagnosed and medicated as a result of covid and other life stresses. And yes, I’m obviously biased seeing as Alice is my invention. Much appreciated.

  2. Margaret Kanowski,-Prakash | February 8, 2022 at 8:11 pm |

    This looks amazing.
    Art can portray insights into ourselves where sometimes words may fail.
    Wish I could be there.

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