Racetracks or classrooms?

Left to right: Adam Crouch, Trainer Angela Davies, Minister for Racing, Kevin Anderson

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Regarding your item in CCN issue 320 concerning NSW Government funding of $11.4M for Gosford Racecourse.

I am absolutely astounded to learn the State Government has provided $8M of taxpayer money to build 200 horse stables (and a new track) at Gosford racecourse.

The gaming industry, which makes millions out of mug punters, must be collectively laughing their heads off.

The industry spends millions on advertising then hypocritically, but solemnly mind you, advise punters to “bet responsibly”.

What a joke.

The obvious question is why hasn’t the gaming industry collectively funded the stable expansion?

Profits from the outlay would return millions.

Why should they when the State Government is a soft touch providing a further $3.4M to resurface the track and an unbelievable $67M funding package for the thoroughbred industry.

Am I wrong, Mr Crouch and Minister Anderson, or couldn’t this huge wastage of taxpayers’ money build an essential classroom or two?

Email, Nov 28
Peter Johnson, Booker Bay

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you Peter. What a disgraceful waste of taxpayer’s money gone to prop up a cruel “sport”. I read this article online in the 22nd November edition of Coast Community News, couldn’t believe my eyes, and commented on it. This money could be spent on so many other worthwhile projects. How dare they use our taxpayers’ money on something like this. As I said before, the gaming industry has a huge influence on governments of all persuasions. So terribly wrong!

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