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Weekly collections of red bins throughout the region will continue

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As a long-term resident of the Central Coast, I am often dismayed, during holiday periods, as I walk along our beautiful beaches, at the amount of polystyrene coffee cups, lids, ice-cream cups and slushie cups and plastic spoons and straws, also pizza boxes and take-away plastic food containers and plastic water bottles that are left on beaches, park benches and recreation areas, within walking distance of the many bins provided for visitors and residents to our beautiful coastal environment.

Unfortunately, it seems that plastic and other rubbish items are not a welcome food item for the ocean creatures and cause a lot of damage to the ecology of the ocean, however (if placed in) the many bins provided for rubbish disposal (they) can then be recycled for further use in reproducing items for public and commercial use.

Sometimes simple solutions of placing your rubbish in a bin (or taking it with you if there happen to be no bins) can help all of us be more considerate of others and our beautiful wonderful country where we are very lucky to live.

Perhaps the Green Energy Movement groups can devote some of their energy to educating people more about the benefits of disposal of their rubbish in the many bins provided.

The numerous alcoholic beverage glass bottles being left on footpaths and beachfronts between entertainment venues (should also be) disposed of in the many bins provided rather than endangering others with broken glass, particularly small children playing innocently on the beach or walking along a footpath.

We have a lady who donates her own time in our coastal area and regularly collects rubbish left by those less considerate of others and their environment and also provides plastic empty ice-cream containers for cigarette butts which she regularly collects for disposal (also unfortunately not a preferred food item of ocean creatures) and community groups who clean up rubbish around our coastal areas.

Come on Aussies, come on, we are all better than that and not stupid – put your rubbish in the bins provided or take it with you, wherever you travel!

Email, Dec 14
Michelle Webb, Terrigal

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  1. Marilyn Heeren | December 20, 2021 at 10:37 am |

    There should be a ‘No Tolerance Attitude’ towards the Disgusting Filth (Humans) whom simply throw their rubbish at their feet wherever they are (including cigarette butts).
    It shows a Total Disrespect for others, the environment, and ultimately themselves and future generations.
    If caught intentionally littering they should be forced to spend a night in a Garbage Dump amidst everyone else’s litter with no food (can scrounge through the rubbish if they want to eat). Give them a taste of their own medicine!
    They are quite happy to inflict their rubbish onto our poor native creatures.
    No Wonder ‘Mother Earth’ is fighting back – Humans don’t deserve to call ‘Our Beautiful Planet’ Home!! All we do is Greedily Take Take Take; and Destroy Destroy Destroy!
    The Less Humans on the Planet 🌏 The Better!!!!

  2. Russell Francis | December 20, 2021 at 11:26 am |

    I am not a resident of the central coast but I have family who live at Long Jetty and I visit regularly and I wish , like my family that every body that reads your post does follow your example

  3. What utterly disgusts me is the amount of fishing line, hooks, sinkers, etc, that are left in and around our waterways. Do these fools that leave it lying around think that it will magically disappear, or degrade into the earth? The damage that these fools cause to the local wildlife is horrendous. I know that sadly we have a lot of litterers who live on the Central Coast, but the amount of rubbish that is left on our beaches and in our parks quadruples at tourist time. A word to prospective tourists – don’t rubbish the place you come to visit. We locals are sick and tired of picking up after you when you’ve gone home to your own pristine little house. WE LIVE HERE AND WE CARE ABOUT OUR ENVIRONMENT. PLEASE DISPOSE OF YOUR RUBBISH AND FISHING WASTE THOUGHTFULLY – IN A BIN!!!

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