It’s Shelly’s wave

Gillian Moran (club treasurer) Mary Carryer (club treasurer) Merryn Webb (competitive surfer at Shelly beach Mal club) and Gretchen Wiseman

The Shelly Beach Malibu Club, a short and long boarding club for women, has received an injection of funding following its successful application for a Surfing NSW grant.

Driven by club members Jess Grimwood and Gillian Moran, the two passionate surfers crafted a joint application for North Shelly Boardriders and Shelly Beach Malibu Club in the hope one of the clubs would be recognised.

Their efforts paid off after Shelly Beach Malibu Club was designated as the recipient of a $2,500 boost.

The full grant name – as long as a longboard – is the 2020/21 Her Wave “Get Her Onboard” grant program presented by ROXY and the NSW Government, administered by Surfing NSW.

Jess and Gillian saw the grant as an opportunity to replicate some of the aspects of a women’s leadership course they had recently attended at Surfing Australia’s High Performance Centre, where they were immersed in knowledge-sharing and inspiration.

Propelled by this experience, they set about writing a grant application that, if awarded, would allow them to take a group of female surfers to a weekend ‘Clinic’ at Crescent Heads where they would learn more about the competition judging process; pick up tricks and tips on heat surfing; learn about weather forecasting and get some in-the-water experience with some heat competitions.

The grant application worked and the club is now taking a group of female members to Crescent Heads in late March for what they call a training Clinic.

Thanks to the grant, the education aspects of the Clinic will be free, while attendees will only be required to cover costs of accommodation, travel and meals.

Gillian explains that the grant funding is symbolic of the Club’s overall success and how its community is supportive and encouraging.

“Shelly Beach Malibu Club has been a big part of my life the past few years. I have received endless support and encouragement from every single member, both male and female, in and out of the water.

“I am absolutely thrilled that our project has been chosen. I can’t wait for other girls and women to be a part of the surfing community.”

Club Secretary Mary Carryer said that the Club’s success is owed to its diversity of members, who come from all backgrounds, age groups and walks of life.

“Shelly Beach Mal Club is made up of a diverse community of like-minded people who have welcomed, supported, encouraged and promoted female surfers.

“I’m stoked to be part of this club and love our fun and friendly comps. I continue to learn something new at every comp and love that I always have someone to surf with.”

Nicola Riches