In favour of vaccine passports

Astra Zeneca vaccine. Source: Wikimedia Commons

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I would like to make a comment on the vaccines.

A few weeks ago, as I sat on my balcony watching the anti-vaxxers protest it made me think about my father who went to war for this country.

You cannot blame the anti-vaxxers, it is their right to have their say.

It’s the Government on both sides that has let us down.

They sold us the dream, and the dream was to do it for yourself, your family and most of all do it for Australia.

So why are both sides of Government selling us out?

We are 90 per cent of your votes.

If we change our minds and vote Independent you are all gone.

Both our new Premier and PM are very weak.

It’s very simple, no jab and no pay, just like some of the other countries around the world are doing.

So why are we still paying them when there are thousands of jobs on offer?

The answer from our government is to bring thousands from overseas to take the Australian jobs and our government will still be paying them.

I would like to thank the hundreds of businesses that do ask for our vaccine passports like the Lakes Hotel at The Entrance, job well done.

What I am asking to all the representatives of government on the Central Coast, why do we have to change back?

Your votes are with us, the 90 per cent, so stand up for us and start asking questions to our very weak Premier.

Email, Dec 9
Fred Mason, The Entrance