Terrigal project refusal to be reviewed

Map showing the location of the block in question

An application to add a sixth storey to a development already underway at 5-7 Church St Terrigal is once more in the spotlight, with the applicant requesting a review of a rejection of the proposal by the Central Coast Local Planning Panel in June.

The Panel unanimously rejected the application, for a sixth storey penthouse and winder balconies on lower floors to be added to an approved five-storey commercial and shop top housing development.

Following the receipt of 62 submissions of objection, the Panel said the proposed modification would significantly increase the height and floor space of the approved development and exceeded the development standards of Clause 4.3 and 4.4 of the Gosford Local Environmental Plan 2014.

It also found the suggested alteration did not comply with the objectives and development standards of various environmental planning and development control plans and would affect the views and amenity of neighbouring properties.

A Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) lodged with the review request claimed the application “does indeed comply” with planning policies and is consistent with the intended function of Church St as one of the principal “mixed use” streets within Terrigal Village Centre.

The SEE said amendments to the street and side boundary building setbacks and the reduced floor plate of the proposed penthouse provided for wider coastal view sharing corridors through Level 6.

“The proposed modified development does not result in any additional adverse amenity impacts (over shadowing; loss of privacy; or noise generating activities) on adjoining sites,” the SEE said.

It said the application was not contrary to the public interest because it was consistent with the relevant objectives of the applicable environmental planning framework and would not result in unreasonable environmental impacts on either neighbouring properties or the public domain.

It said the proposed additional penthouse level was lower than, or similar in height to, other multi-level mixed use buildings approved by Council in recent years in the immediate locality at 15 Kurrawyba St, 6 Pine Tree Lne and 13 Ash St.

“The proposed modified development does not overshadow any public open space and does not obstruct any views of natural topographical features from any public open space, or the public domain generally,” the SEE said.

Updated architectural drawings submitted with the review request included: a revision to the outline of the terrace on Level 5; a modification of Level 6 to show increased building setbacks to Church St and to the side property boundaries; and a reconfiguration of the penthouse floor plan.

Submissions can be made on the proposal from Friday, October 22 until close of business on Friday, November 19.

Online submissions can be made at centralcoast.nsw.gov.au, with written submissions to be addressed to the CEO, Coast Council, PO Box 21, Gosford 2250.

NSW Department of Planning Major Projects website