Pelican feeding under review

It’s time to bring back the pelican feeding to the waterfront says The Entrance MP, David Mehan.

The daily pelican feeding had been a huge drawcard every afternoon for longer than most people can remember, until COVID health restrictions were put in place last year.

Now that health restrictions are easing, Mehan wants to see the town’s iconic tourist attraction recommence.

“They’ve done their bit during the pandemic, they looked after themselves and obtained their own food, they’ve been loyal to our area and we have to look after them,” he said.

Council says it has taken the opportunity during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to commence a review of this activity.

A spokesperson said that the long-term view was to deliver a unique local and visitor experience focussing on education and the natural environment.

“This would work with the natural feeding behaviours of pelicans, in a sustainable and eco-friendly way,” the spokesperson said.

Sue Murray