Integrated app one way to prove vaccination status

Victor Dominello displays a mock-up of the Service NSW app with vaccine integrated. Credit: Facebook

An integrated vaccination certificate has been launched on the Service NSW app to make access easier for individuals and businesses,

Locals were able to integrate the COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate into their Service NSW app from Monday, October 18.

NSW Minister for Digital and Customer Service, Victor Dominello, said the integration of the vaccine certificate with the app will be optional to people, however it would prove the easiest and quickest way to confirm their
vaccination status.

“This is an extra digital service to make life easier for the businesses and customers of NSW as we open back up,” Dominello said.

“When someone visits a venue, they’ll be able to show their green check-in tick and vaccination status simultaneously, saving staff and customers time.”

As the vaccine data sits in the Federal Australian Immunisation Register to integrate the COVID-19 digital certificate into the Service NSW app you will need to:

• Ensure your Federal MyGov account is linked to Medicare

• Download the Express Plus Medicare app and sign in with your MyGov account details

• Select ‘Proof of vaccinations’ and then ‘View history’

• Select ‘Share with check in app’ and then ‘Service NSW’

For other ways to demonstrate a vaccination certificate, residents can use the Express Plus Medicare app or the digital wallet on their phone.

Individuals without a smartphone can print a vaccination certificate from their Medicare account or contact Services Australia for a paper certificate in order to prove their vaccination status.

John Green, Director of Liquor and Policing at the Australian Hotels Association NSW, said venue operators were reporting the vaccination status combined with the QR check-in made it easier to check and validate.

“The convenience of having a customer’s vaccination status presented alongside their check-in will allow for a seamless entry and take pressure off venue staff,” Green said.

“It certainly makes the process quicker.”

The announcement came after reports of some businesses struggling to keep up with the demand for their services, along with verifying the vaccine status of those entering the premises.

Shadow Minister for Customer Service and Digital, Yasmin Catley, said it was “very disappointing the app wasn’t ready in time for ‘Freedom Day’ on October 11.”

“The Government left it in the hands of businesses to be on the frontline and police people’s vaccine passports,” Catley said.

“Many businesses simply do not have capacity or the resources to have people on the front door checking people’s vaccination status.

“The Service NSW vaccine app was designed to fix this direct issue.”

The Service NSW app will include a number of security measures to help compliance officers and businesses with checking and validating a customer’s vaccination status, including a NSW Waratah logo hologram and rotating QR codes, similar to the Digital Driver Licence.

Maisy Rae