Business as usual

New Premier Dominic Perrottet

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Well might you ask where does the election of Dominic Perrottet leave the Central Coast – up the creek without a paddle I think.

Perrottet has already made it clear that Western Sydney is his priority and it will be full steam ahead with pork barrelling and grants to that region to try to win the next election.

He had already made it clear that his right-wing Catholic views, coming from his Opus Dei education, will guide his decision making – just like former PM Tony Abbott.

Perrottet is anti-abortion, anti-same sex marriage, anti-euthanasia and his top priority has been selling off our NSW assets.

With the majority of State MPs on the Coast being Labor we will continue to miss out as always and the Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, just like his predecessor, Scott McDonald, is more interested in getting his photo taken for the press than doing anything worthwhile for the whole Central Coast.

So business as usual for us.

Email, Oct 7
Errol Grace, Niagara Park