Real people supporting each other

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Regarding observations made while doing legal exercise along Woy Woy waterfront.

Mask up, put on your PPE and white gloves and take time to learn the stories of those local beer drinkers.

They may be a group of men and women who have worked hard to supply your essentials: plumbing, gas, electricity, tradies that build houses and homes.

Some of them have been through serious workplace accidents, prior to Occupation Health and Safety in the workplace.

Well-educated women fleeing from domestic violence and abuse also drink beer in the beer garden.

This is a group of real people supporting each other with a whole range of issues and loneliness.

And yes, day by day, each one of them is getting their double vaccination (where their injuries and health conditions allow).

Do not judge a book by its cover or a person by appearance.

Look instead at their shoes, then compare them with yours.

I’m left wondering if you live in a modest comfortable home built by Tradies with electricity, gas, bathroom and glass windows.

From the Mental Health Support Group Woy Woy.

Email, Sep 2
Marie O’Brien, Umina Beach