Messy M1 mop up

Tuggerah Rural Fire Brigade crews had a mess to mop-up after about 20 containers of paint fell off the back of a vehicle on Friday, September 10.

Both Tuggerah fire trucks attended the paint spill on the Tuggerah M1 interchange at the southbound roundabout on Wyong Rd, Mardi.

When crews arrived they found about 20 containers scattered everywhere and the contents of the 20-litre containers strewn across the roadway.

The paint was identified to be water based and using absorbents, crews were able to clear the majority of the hazards, including all the paint tins from the road.

A dry sorb material was used to soak up nearly all the paint and that was then placed back into the paint tins to be disposed of by Central Coast Council.

At the direction of RMS, the remaining dry sorb and paint was diluted across the road and Council was notified to dispose of the materials.

Tuggerah Rural Fire Service

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