Confusing travel standards for Coasties

Deputy Premier John Barilaro

This week the NSW Government revealed the next stage of its roadmap out of lockdown, and whilst the majority of ‘freedoms’ have been welcomed, many on the Central Coast have felt mixed emotions.

The NSW Government said adjustments had been made to the existing 70% roadmap due to ‘updated health advice’.

As part of the new changes, Central Coast and Sydney residents will not be allowed to travel to the regions until the state reaches its 80% fully vaccinated target which is expected to be mid to late October.

The news comes after the Deputy Premier last month confirmed that the Central Coast would be removed from the Greater Sydney classification.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, Adam Crouch, said that when the lockdown ends on October 11, local residents will not be able to freely travel to other parts of regional NSW.

“This is because the Central Coast’s daily COVID-19 case numbers are consistently too high,”

Adam Crouch MP

“Our region is recording approximately 30 new COVID-19 cases per day.

“This is even higher than most local government areas across Sydney.

“Clearly, we are not out of the woods.

“NSW Health has identified the growing COVID-19 case numbers on the Central Coast and in the Illawarra as two of the most concerning areas in the State.

“If our case numbers decline and if vaccination rates continue to rise between now and 11 October, I will absolutely advocate for this Health decision to be reconsidered.”

The change was announced in a remarkable way with Deputy Premier John Barilaro confirming the move on Triple M radio on Monday afternoon.

Local Labor MPs said they are furious about the NSW Government’s backflip on the Coast’s classification – regardless if its only for two weeks or not.

Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch, said she was angered by the decision, noting that fully vaccinated Sydney residents can travel to the Coast from October 11.

“We fought so hard to become a region, yet they’ve pushed us back in with Greater Sydney again,” Tesch said.

“We’re not allowed to travel; Newcastle is allowed to come here; Sydney is allowed to come here and yet the Government has completely taken that regional victory from Coasties and absolutely squashed us.

“[They’ve] allowed Sydney to come up here which is not really what Coasties want, it’s great for businesses, but as far as people with cases coming to their holiday homes, that’s something that Coasties have stood up against.

“That’s the free for all, without our freedom to travel.

“There’s no health regulations pointing it out, there’s no press releases to the local media to keep Coasties informed, there’s no communication with local members of parliament.

“It’s a really disappointing … slap in the face for people on the Central Coast right now.”

“If Newcastle has those case numbers and is allowed to travel, why are we locked in?

“So, lets open it up to Coasties to have that freedom to travel to the regions and let’s think about that hard Sydney border which is what we’ve been promised.”

Shadow Minister for the Central Coast, David Harris, also said he was furious about the decision.

“This Government is full of empty promises, spin and certainly no substance,” he wrote on a social media post.

“What a con – make us Regional when the regions went into lockdown, and then when it’s time to open up at 70%, they then say we can’t engage in regional travel until 80%?

“They put us in lockdown because we’re ‘Greater Sydney’, take our Pfizer because we’re ‘Regional’, admit we’re ‘Regional’ finally when it’s too late and we’re still in lockdown and now we’re ‘not regional enough’ so we’re given a new name ‘outer metropolitan’.”

It’s not just Labor MPs though that have spotted the inconsistency behind the decision, with Federal Liberal Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks, suggesting the NSW Government should clarify the health advice behind this decision.

“I know this is extremely disappointing news for many across the Central Coast who want to travel in line with the rest of Regional NSW,” Wicks said.

“I support the NSW Government following the health advice and if it is not safe for our region to travel, then this decision may be justified but needs to be clarified for the people of the Central Coast.

Lucy Wicks MP

“However, we should not be lumped in with Greater Sydney as a matter of course.

“This is just another example of how our region is inconsistently defined by various government departments and agencies.”

From the Monday after NSW hits the 80 per cent (aged 16 and over) double dose vaccination target, eased restrictions will allow those who are fully vaccinated to have up to 10 people visit their home, participate in community sport, and access hospitality venues (where drinking while standing up will be allowed indoors).

All premises will operate at one person per four square metres indoors, and one person per two square metres outdoors.

A booking cap has also been introduced for hospitality venues of 20 people per booking.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the 80 per cent roadmap will also remove the limit of fully vaccinated guests for weddings and funerals and remove customer caps for personal services such as hairdressers.

“I know people are counting down the minutes until we reach 70 per cent double dose and the freedoms that will provide, and today we are providing further certainty by announcing the 80 per cent roadmap and future settings,” Berejiklian said.

“Vaccination remains our ticket to freedom, so we need to work even harder to get jabs in arms, to help stop the spread, minimise outbreaks and ensure people are protected when we open up.”

From December 1, further changes will be introduced including all venues moving to the 2sqm rule, masks will not be required indoors at offices, indoor pools and nightclubs can reopen, and unvaccinated people will have greater freedoms.

More information about the Reopening NSW Roadmap can be found at:

Maisy Rae

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  1. Tesch does not listen or read well. Sydney residents will not be able to travel to the coast. Stop grandstanding and understand a few are not doing the right thing. That is why no travel to other regions.

  2. Are people from Newcastle & Lake Macquarie permitted to enter the Central Coast on 11.10.21? This is all sooooo confusing.

    • I would like some actual clarity from goverment. If this are is supposed to be in lockdown, then why on earth would people be allowed to visit here. So stupid if it’s true. Please coasties, get off fb & other conspiracy hubs and just get vaccinated. Then take out uou frustrations at the next elections.

  3. I am very confused People from Sydney and Newcastle who live in Hot spots are allowed to come to our beautiful coast because they have a holiday home but we are locked up because we are having too many cases

    I and my partner are double vaxed for nearly a month and we are not allowed to go to either places?

  4. Sydney is not allowed to come here until after 11 October, as per current rules. So why are they here already and have been for weeks. Was speaking to a lady in supermarket a few weeks ago. They were up from Sydney for weekend. When I told her she was not actually allowed yet, she said why did the bnb owner tell her that.

  5. So, does all this mean my son and his partner can come and visit from Parramatta? Can I, who live in Avoca drive down and visit them? All three of us are double Vaccinated

  6. I have noticed an increased number of people in Terrigal and surrounding areas since the start of the school holidays. Notably , units (Holiday let’s) previously empty are suddenly now occupied. I believe we still have a number of people from areas of concern in Sydney , coming up to their holiday homes from those areas, any wonder our numbers are growing on the Central Coast. We are all trying to do the right thing and are being penalised , for others that are blatantly breaking the rules.

  7. This is so wrong. I now have to wait another month before I can see my grandchildren in Sydney.
    I cannot make any sense of this as this ruling is so inconsistent.

  8. I’m so sick of government moving the goal post, if Sydney residents hadn’t come up here we wouldn’t have so many cases. What is going on in Australia they (the government) think ppl are stupid and don’t realize what’s going on, we have to live with covid it’s not going anywhere so just get vaccinated and live our lives with no more bull.

  9. I hope the authorities are going to stop the Sydney people coming up here to the coast. Every weekend there are thousands coming off the M1 exits. No police. No stopping these virus carrier’s. I know what will happen after 11th October. No checks now at weekends and no checks after the 11th. More cases of virus on the coast. Well done state government. Another job poorly managed.

  10. We have now been locked up for 3 months, we have had our double vacation for over 2 months.
    our sons are in their 40ish have to wait 2 month to get their vaccinations due to vaccine allocated to central coast being sent to Sydney.
    Now we are being punished again due to people from Sydney and Newcastle can come and go as they please and spread the virus.
    Where are the politicians who are supposed to look after the Central Coast ?
    Where are the politicians who are supposed to look after the Central Coast ?

  11. The Central Coast is crawling with arrogant, entitled, selfish people from Greater Sydney. Just watch the population up here swell this long weekend. They will be everywhere. What hope have we got. No one is attempting to stop them. No deterrents
    effective enough to make them stay away. This government is a joke. All for Sydney and NOTHING for the regions. We are nothing more than a playground for Sydneysiders.

  12. I would suggest to anyone knowing of “illegal” visitors to report them. I had clients who wanted meet up with me this week at their holiday house and said to them I’m not sure you are both supposed to be here. Everyone coming here thinks they are one is. I know Aussies don’t like to be robbers, but things will not get better until the visitors bringing the virus stop.

  13. Irene Mulcahy | September 30, 2021 at 3:01 pm |

    What are the politians who are appointed to look after the Central Coast doing? It’s their job to stand up for their voters. Why would Newcastle people want holiday homes here anyway. Doesnt Newcastle have it’s own pristine beaches. If I can’t leave the area I don’t want anyone from outside CC coming here thats unfair. Voters have long memories.

  14. I would like some actual clarity from goverment. If this are is supposed to be in lockdown, then why on earth would people be allowed to visit here. So stupid if it’s true. Please coasties, get off fb & other conspiracy hubs and just get vaccinated. Then take out uou frustrations at the next elections.

  15. As above Jude totally agree, this NSW state govt is a joke and Central Coast region is being given no consideration. Make sure to make it count next election. Holiday houses and airbnbs been operating in our region with no penalties

  16. Alfred A Arnold BE MBA JP | September 30, 2021 at 3:33 pm |

    My self and other family members and friends ten in total as allowed or what we were led to believe have organized a 4 day resort holiday further up the coast, all paid for and settled on the 23 of October his amounts to a few thousand dollars, all are over 65 and all double vaccinated, now because of this decision, we will lose everything.
    Who is going to reimburse us? and why are the vaccinated being punished?

  17. If someone can advise me I will stand against this lying idiot. He should be thrown out along with her. Liars are liars but I think everything they have done needs to be investigated by the police

  18. I would like to get some clarity on our unvacinated of 38000 they say given we have a population of around 350k for our LGA wouldn’t this mean the coast has already hit 80%? given we have an LGA of around 550sq kilometres I feel this is not a good comparison when City of Sydney is just 23sq kilometres with 250k population. Let’s us travel or keep everybody out stop with the double standards.

  19. Barbara. Knight | September 30, 2021 at 7:35 pm |

    We must learn to live with this covid,,, (virus) everyone should be out of lockdown , it’s been far too long , unrealistic locking people up, so it’s vaccinating all rounder. Who wants to die of covid l don’t.

  20. Why sent the police checking all vehiculs entering the central coast from m1 and old Pacific highway exits

  21. Above comment by me Sandy w did not print correctly, should be why don’t police check all vehicles entering the central coast via m1 and old Pacific highway

  22. carmen cullen | September 30, 2021 at 11:59 pm |

    We as the central coast doing , and suffering for no reason since the start of this. Then hotspot LGA’s in Sydney kick up a stink because they spread and don’t comprehend the word ” virus. Stay home” and other young adults just think they are invincible and don’t like rules. We all have suffered even tho we don’t live in Sydney continued hot spot , so why do they get privileged because they complained, spread and say ‘ we are picked on ” boo hoo. If you want to drive a car in Australia then you need to do the right thing and follow the law and get a licence, it’s the same as having to follow the law for safety and just do what’s right and don’t complain . It’s so simple. It’s for health and future generations. Come on Australia, let’s show the world we are the lucky country. I still believe that and a little medicine jab is not a thing to be carrying on about really. Hey. We can do this .

  23. You watch, it will get to the 10th Oct and clowns running this circus will move the goal post. Anyone working in retail here will have noticed the amount of people coming up from Sydney. They are allowed permits to “do urgent repairs” on their holiday homes.Theres been absolutely no consideration for central coast residents. Where are the BnB, holiday letting restrictions. Shouldn’t the council be enforcing this?

  24. Ruth Turton | October 1, 2021 at 1:42 pm |

    Well all you wonderful whinging citizens have just brought about the greatest travesty of all time. The resignation of probably the best premier nsw has had. Gladys has resigned. They should disband ICAC. . Too much power. They should be putting their efforts into something that is important

  25. We should be called Limbo Coast because that is what it is feeling like. It’s now become a hideous place to live full of sydney people treating it like a toilet.

  26. I’m sorry Ruth, but I beg to differ. The only way us “wonderful whingeing citizens” could have gotten rid of Gladys was to vote her out, and that is not the case. Gladys has resigned for her own reasons. Last time I looked, this is still a democracy, and we as citizens of said democracy are entitled to our own opinions, and to respectfully air them. ICAC stands for the Independent Commission Against Corruption, and it is indeed needed. Sadly, many of our politicians are a less than desirable lot, and they have to be held to account for their actions. Having said that, Gladys has been a far better Premier than some of her predecessors. She has made some bad calls, but she was brilliant when the bushfires were raging – something our Prime Minister was not.

  27. It’s pretty clear. On October 11 we can travel anywhere around Greater Sydney, as can people come up here. By October 18 we will have hit 80% and we can visit regional NSW. There will likely be only one week between 70% and 80%. One week extra is not long. And cases everywhere will go up once we open up, so we will be seeing way more then 30 per day. That’s the point of vaccination – allowing more cases with less people in hospital

  28. I think the central coast has been treated unfairly consistently throughout this pandemic. As a Sydney resident my only advice to cc residents is to get vaccinated and hang on till 80%. Remember how you were treated come election time. God forbid if this happens again or if delta mutates become vocal in numbers and demand improved regulations and compliance.

  29. So I’m a member of a pool at Lake Macquarie – I can then go for my usual swim there even though I live on the Central Coast? Please help because this weather is great!

  30. We should remember that Barilaro is a liar and should resign asap. He says he cares, but you look at him when he is interviewed and he is always looking down to his left (Sign of lying) or raising his eyes to the sky (Sign of looking for an answer). At the end of the day the party are only interested in what they can put in their back pockets without being caught.

  31. David Naylor | October 2, 2021 at 11:31 am |

    In spite of all the angst, there is nothing on the NSW government website about Central Coast rejoining Hreater Sydney. It all seems to,hinge on John Barilaro’s announcement, which does not appear to have been officially sanctioned or confirmed. Has anyone seen an actual official statement or media release about this from the NSW Government?

  32. Is this what they mean by……the dumbing down…….of society……..
    It’s clear where priorities lie……clearly with ICAC………never mind saving peoples lives……clearly this is a very low priority……….not a good look……..I’ve been told……..focus on the big things………clearly this ICAC thing is extremely huge!!!!!!!!!!!….Not happy jan!!!!!!!!…….I know who I will vote for………no one……k

  33. Peter Hendry | October 3, 2021 at 5:16 pm |

    Like every decision this government has made, it makes no sense. What a joke! I’ve been fully vaccinated for months yet am still restricted to my LGA. I am somewhat confused, does it mean other LGAs can travel to the Coast but we can’t go outside the LGA? I have booked a holiday to a campsite, which has already been rescheduled due to lockdown extensions. The campsite can open to all irrespective of their vaccination status, yet fully vaccinated people from the coast can’t travel there. Really what a total joke

  34. Deborah Tedman | October 3, 2021 at 6:22 pm |

    If everyone just got vaccinated that will save you from serious illnesses or ICU , people would have nothing to complain about, There are thousands of people all over NSW who have been vaccinated, so why shouldn’t people from Sydney be allowed up to the central coast,, to see family,, Because we can’t go down there dosent mean we have to blame them for spreading the virus to us. On the coast, People from the coast we’re also going to Sydney and coming back up , Sydney could blame the coast, But they haven’t, , the virus is here. Nothing we can do, Except go get vaccinated t.o protect our community and your family, Look at the hundreds of people on the central coast down the beach. No masks. No. 2mtr. Apart, , how many were vaccinated This virus dosent. Descrimenate. , So stop blaming others , We have to live with this virus, At 80%. We will all be free to travel. Hang in there. And stay safe everyone. Get the vaccine, it won’t kill you. The virus will. ,

  35. I am still confused: Simple question:

    Am I allowed to visit my son in Chatswood?
    Is my son in Chatswood able to visit me in Gosford?
    Am I allowed to visit my best friend in Newcastle?
    I have been fully vaccinated since July

  36. Gayle Falzon | October 6, 2021 at 8:11 am |

    Everything is nothing but political – labor/liberal dosent matter would be the same crap differnt party. Neither are listening to the people anyway.

  37. Diane Barnes | October 6, 2021 at 8:27 am |

    If the Central Coast residents cannot travel from 11 October nor should Greater Sydney or Hunter New England region. The Hunter New England region case numbers daily are higher then Central Coast.
    The Central Coast should not be classified as Greater Sydney, Greater Sydney should end at the Hawkesbury River. It is over time this classification of Central Coast as part of Greater Sydney should end.

  38. So So wrong, this is so ridicious no good. Well here we goSydney people can come to the Central Coast to give us some more infections, because there is no one to police the the Sydney people to show some prove of the Jabs. WRONG WRONG.

  39. I just wish to add my fury, frustration and disappointment that the NSW govt has, without notice and ignoring the will of most Coast residents, reclassified the Central Coast as part of Greater Sydney again. The state govt’s mishandling of the Covid situation since June has been appalling, and I doubt the number of Covid cases would be rising as much if travel restrictions to regions for Sydney residents had been implemented when the 2021 wave began to spread. I for one, will never vote for this bunch of numptys. Punish them severely at the ballot box next election, Coasties!

  40. We live on central coast and have booked a break in Sydney for four days. Are we allowed to go. We have had our three vaccinations.

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