Spike in complaints about illegal bike trails

Bike trail in council reserve at Blackwall

Council has received an increase in the number of reports from the community about unauthorised mountain bike and BMX tracks and structures across the Central Coast.

There are concerns the tracks pose a risk to the surrounding environments, threatened species and any heritage values.

Council said they were taking a ‘pragmatic approach’ to the informal tracks being built.

“[We] acknowledge that current lockdown restrictions in place mean many children are unable to attend school and all formal sport and recreation has ceased,” Council said.

“If the informal BMX tracks are not causing environmental harm and the risk to the greater public is minimal then we are currently not removing them, recognising that there is at this moment a greater mental health benefit for our children in leaving them.

“We will continue to monitor reported sites and if the level of risk increases, will take appropriate action at that time.”

Mountain bike riding is currently permitted on designated fire and management trails in some natural reserves, however Council said they have seen unauthorised tracks be constructed that have the potential to have a negative impact on the environment, and at times Aboriginal heritage sites.

Council rangers are expected to be patrolling reserves to monitor areas of concern and encourage the community to ride in a safe manner.

Currently, there is one skatepark and BMX track at Umina’s Peninsula Recreation Precinct available for use on the Peninsula, in line with the latest COVID-19 directions from the State Government.

The Mountain Bike Feasibility Study is due to return to Council for adoption towards the end of 2021.

More information about the study is available at: yourvoiceourcoast.com/mtb

Website, Aug 24
Central Coast Council