Off-leash dog areas worthy of discussion

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Council’s dog ownership policy and companion animal working group are, once again, examples of councils undemocratic attitude to ratepayers.

Who makes up this group or committee?

Are they unelected, appointed, employed by the council without any community consultation?

What qualifications do they have?

Are any RSPCA or dog welfare groups represented?

The Administrator adopted this policy at the council meeting on august 8 and the community can now have their say via the yourvoiceourcoast website.

Maybe we can have some local off-leash dog parks within easy walking distance.

The Lemon Grove Park southern grassed end would be ideal for all elderly unit dwellers in Umina and Ettalong.

At Ettalong Oval a dog park was located near the scout hall but removed ‘temporarily’ while a roundabout was built.

The roundabout was completed months ago but the dog park is still over the road in an unfenced area that is difficult to access for walkers.

Perhaps the council could make an effort to consult about these issues.