Mask up Monday

Masks have become mandatory in public places and transport on the Central Coast again. Image copyright CCN

Additional measures for Sydney and regional NSW (including the Central Coast) come into place from 12.01am Monday, 23 August,  until 28 August, at least.

Masks will be mandatory

The NSW Health website states the following:

‘Mask wearing will be mandatory when outside your home, except when exercising.’

Special Powers to police

The NSW Police Force have also been given specials powers that include:

  • Power for the Commissioner of Police to lockdown apartment blocks while health assesses the COVID risk; 
  • Power for the Commissioner of Police to declare a residential premise a COVID-risk premise and require all people to present to police during compliance checks;
  • Powers to allow police to direct a person who has been issued with an infringement notice to return to their place of residence; and
  • If a person from outside an LGA of concern is found to be in an LGA of concern without a reasonable excuse, they will be fined $1000 and required to isolate at home for 14 days.

Carers appeal

In the media release on Friday August 20, NSW Health state;

‘There have been a number of cases in Early Childhood Education and Care Services, so parents and carers across the state are strongly encouraged to keep their children at home, unless they need to be at those services.’

NB: As the regulations are constantly being changed in response to the fast moving situaton readers are advised to follow the NSW Government COVID-19 updates to regulations and information.

Verified information source : Media release, NSW Health , August 20, 2021


4 Comments on "Mask up Monday"

  1. Do you wear mask when you are outside walking at ettalong

  2. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that if you’re walking near anyone then you need to wear a mask. Wear a mask everytime you walk out of your yard.

  3. Billy Dean Holloway | August 24, 2021 at 9:38 am |

    Ppl are so dumb. Just make it harder. But there the ones who havent had a jab and crap to others slowing the process down.

  4. Why are the golf courses open why don’t they have to wear masks why can they travel over the 5 kil area

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