Central Coast vaccination rates released

Central Coast vaccination rates as of 1 August 2021. Source; Australian Immunisation Register.

For the first time since the pandemic began, the Federal Government released a region-by-region breakdown of vaccination rates as of August 1, 2021.

The data for the Central Coast reveals the region’s residents over 15 are increasingly coming on board.

–        People aged 15 and over with at least one dose of a COVID vaccine: 45.0%

–        People aged 15 and over with full vaccination : 19.6%

The data comes from the Australian Immunisation Register AIR and was an extract that formed part of a host of documents released by the Federal government today.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Adam Crouch said “These higher than expected vaccination rates are a credit to the GPs, nurses and pharmacists across the Central Coast.

“We have the staff and the space at Gosford Hospital ready and waiting to run a mass vaccination centre and provide even more people with protection against COVID-19, but we simply don’t have enough doses from the Federal Government.”

Verified information source: Australian Immunisation Register August 1, 2021. Media statement office of Adam Crouch MP, Agust 3, 2021.

6 Comments on "Central Coast vaccination rates released"

  1. It’d be great if they had vaccination opportunities near Bateau Bay. The 10km restriction means a lot of us can’t travel to Erina Fair, let alone Gosford/Wyong. Some also don’t want to travel that far, and after seeing how that single mother was treated by the security guard at the Imperial Centre, I’d be in the same boat. When there’s no one to look after your kids, what can you do?

  2. Sarah. – I had 2nd astra zenaca and wife went to get hers on Monday but was told they had been re-directed to south west Sydney – wife went to Erina and got 2nd jab BUT it is worng if our allocations are being sent elsewhere. Also if our vaccination rates are so high and our covid cases are so low then Gladys LET US BE FREE!!

  3. Federal government, state government are both responsible for the miserable handling of 2021 COVID-19 Delta strain taking hold of NSW. Did they think “she’ll be right mate” well it isn’t! Stop blaming and start doing! The public has had little faith in government for some time now – this has just made thing worse. Constant bickering and pointless name calling has led us to not trust you!

  4. Yes, The problem with our political leaders is they only practice blaming the opposition.
    So now we need them to lead & organise the vaccine roll out and this is beyond their capability.

  5. Maria Clarke | August 16, 2021 at 12:13 pm |

    Whether we are vaccinated or not we will still get infected if we are not responsible enough to protect ourselves. Just follow the Biosafety rules/ protocol so that there’s no need of lockdowns, Police and the Army patrolling LGAs and plan of the Government to have Vax Travel pass will not be enforced and freedom of choice to be vaccinated or not will not become a mandate. We Australians are still partly to be blamed and so are the head of Federal & State Governents and no one else.

  6. Both State and Federal Governments are looking more and more like Dad’s Army.

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