Umina Beach DA opens for comment

A development application for the construction of a multi-unit housing development in Umina is now open for public comment.

The site at 37 Paul St, Umina Beach, currently contains a single dwelling on a flat, regular shaped allotment of just over 808 square metres.

The application, which was lodged on June 28, seeks consent for the demolition of the existing dwelling and ancillary structures, and the erection of four three-bedroom townhouses with front courtyard fencing.

At an estimated cost of $800,000, the applicant said the development would cater for the housing needs of the local population and be compatible with the surrounding land uses.

The dining, alfresco and living areas of Unit One will be oriented towards the street, with all parking positioned to minimise the impact on Paul St.

Vehicular access is proposed via the central driveway to separate garages provided for each unit, with six residential parking spaces to be secured.

The applicant said the current single allotment creates a constraint to designing multi-unit design and providing appropriate floor area and vehicular access.

Therefore, the proposal states the design of the development would allow sufficient boundary setbacks to alleviate visual amenity, privacy and overshadowing impacts to the adjoining properties within the medium density residential zone.

The application also states the proposed units will provide sufficient areas to store mobile waste collection bins away from the street and clothes drying areas that would be screened from other dwellings and the public domain.

The development will include courtyards that ‘provide sufficient deep soil planting to incorporate small to medium street trees’, in-keeping with the Gosford Development Control Plan (GDCP) 2013.

The application will be on exhibition until August 6.

DA tracker, July 9