Sydney Metro should pay us to take its sand

Emergency beach erosion works at Wamberal Beach

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The latest unelected Council Administrator wants to pay for sand to replenish Wamberal foreshore.

Sydney Metro West is currently required to dispose of the spoil from the tunnel excavation.

NSW EPA charges $200 per tonne for the disposal of clean waste.

There is no shortage of sand to replenish Wamberal; the sea is full of it and over time the sand will come back.

If we establish suitable retaining structures before the sand is naturally restored we will avoid future catastrophes.

We may end up in a situation like Hornsby Council and the North West Tunnel.

Instead of the tunnel contractor paying for the disposal of its waste, Hornsby Council ended up paying the tunnel contractor for its waste to fill an old quarry.

I would agree to entering a contract to accept waste from Sydney Metro North West contractor provided they paid Central Coast Council $200 per tonne, not the other way around.

Email, Jun 30
Scott Jones, Somersby