Shelly Beach roundabout not safe for crossing

Image: OpenStreetMaps

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An accident will happen unless traffic slows down and drivers are made aware of the dangers for people, some with young children and in prams, who try to cross at a small roundabout at the intersection of Oaks Ave and Grandview St, Shelly Beach.

This section of road is used by drivers to avoid The Entrance Rd.

Drivers speed along the streets of Grandview and Oaks and approach the small roundabout quickly as people. both young and old. struggle across Grandview St, avoiding being hit by cars, cars with caravans, vans, trucks and occasionally buses.

I have asked Central Coast Council to put traffic signs for drivers to slow down and drive through the roundabout slowly.

There should be signage showing people crossing, signage to slow down, speed bumps and traffic lights.

There should be a pedestrian crossing on Grandview St at the intersection from Oaks Ave side to Grandview St, to the eastern side of Grandview St, which is where people cross.

Another issue is the speed at which drivers come to the same roundabout along Oaks Ave from The Entrance, driving past Bombora View St, North Shelly.

Drivers have mounted the footpath, skidded over the path and on to the grass.

Guard rails are needed to stop people from being hit by speeding vehicles that have lost control.

Please, Council, make changes now, before some is injured or killed.

Email, July 20
Diane Abello, Shelly Beach