COVID angst hits the Coast

Freedom car convoy in Gosford.

VIDEO REPORT: The Central Coast is on tenterhooks – after five locals tested positive to COVID-19 over the weekend.

19 locations across the region have been identified as exposure sites.

Meanwhile anyone who attended any of the ‘Freedom Rallies’ in Sydney or in Gosford is asked to get tested.

Skaie Hull

6 Comments on "COVID angst hits the Coast"

  1. Its been clear to many living on the Central Coast that locked down Sydney folk flock up to their holiday homes for the weekend and then return to Sydney for the week. Repeated every weekend.
    I wrote to the local member Adam Crouch about this expressing alarm and made the point that his government was responsible for protecting the coast from Covid. What I got back was a ‘Call CrimeStoppers’ fob off. The request to use number plate recognition cameras to catch the guilty was ignored, so I wrote back and requested a response from Adam personally. Haven’t heard back since.
    Now we have Covid on the Coast. I’m hopping mad that our supposed caring Local Member knows what is going on but refuses to protect us. This is not what government is about.
    Citizens of the Sydney have been abandoned by a government which chooses to run up unimaginable long term debt rather than protect our borders and keep business and individuals in work. Its inexcusable government where our descendants will be paying the price for up to a century. If that’s the best this lot can do then they need to resign and allow a government working for all of us to take charge.
    The Central Coast deserves better.

  2. michael, you seem to be in favour or very authoritarian restrictions on peoples ability to move freely as they should be able to over something as mundane as a slightly worse version of the flu, get a grip guy.

  3. Lynelle Esler | July 27, 2021 at 11:57 am |

    The Border Community of Albury/Wodonga gets affected when either side lockdown. Its a bit of a joke that NSW Border residents cannot go about their normal business responsibly (let’s not forget we had border checkpoints for over 4 months down here!!!) when all of the infections are occurring in or near Sydney – a 5 hour drive away. Lock down Sydney on the outskirts and let the rest of NSW continue to function with minimal impact.

  4. Is a coffee shop essential but a cleaner isn’t

  5. Goodluck Central Coast residents. I sincerely hope no-body has contracted covid from the latest outbreak & from those who travelled down (out of the 10km rule) to Sydney. Please stay safe.

  6. So many idiots still, anon being one of them. Probably one of the idiots who think that they have had a dose of ‘Flu” when all they have had is a slight cold.

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