Buck-passing over Gosford public wharf is a disgrace

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I applaud the signs that Central Coast Council has recently taken some initiative to remediate the environmental vandalism resulting from illegal mountain bike trail construction in some of our COSS and nature designated reserves on the Central Coast, and hope that this will help to send a clear message that this type of illegal activity will not be tolerated.

I refer specifically to the trails at Bradleys Reserve (North Avoca), Cockrone Lagoon (at the intersect of Casa Place and Del Monte Place, Copacabana), and the Richard St reserve (Saratoga).

With the rapid population growth on the Central Coast we are only going to experience increased damage to these valuable nature reserves unless there is ongoing vigilance by Council supported by a public education campaign to inform the public of the environmental significance of these reserves.

I am hoping that Council will now follow up with the installation of signage such as there is at Cockrone Lagoon (Lakeside Dr, MacMasters Beach) and Kincumba Mountain, to inform the public regarding the specific flora and fauna in these wildlife corridors, and how best to preserve the integrity of the bushland habitat.

I understand that the mountain bikers are active lobbyists seeking to appropriate these reserves for their own thrill-seeking sport, however, COSS land has been designated for ‘passive recreation’, and this type of mountain biking that has appeared only recently in these areas is a major deviation from the recreational cycling on mountain bikes with users that did not have an issue with adhering to the authorised trails.

I trust that Council will now continue to follow up with the re-vegetation of the damaged areas and actively prevent any further illegal trail building.

Email, Jul 12
Heather Graham, Copacabana