Men’s Shed receives grant to bolster first aid capabilities

In keeping with this Men’s Health Week, the Umina Beach Men’s Shed has been awarded over a thousand dollars from the Federal Government to help bolster their first aid capabilities.

A total of $1,320 was given to the Shed under the National Shed Development Programme (NSDP).

The funding was aimed at helping the Shed accredit 12 of their volunteers in first aid, basic emergency life support and emergency medical first response.

President of the Umina Beach Men’s Shed, Darrel Pannowitz, said members are ‘very appreciative’ of the ‘generous’ grant that they received.

“The promotion of good health and wellbeing to our members and local community is our first priority,” Pannowitz said.

“Our policy is to have at least two accredited first aid officers on site each day that our Shed is open.

“Our shed is equipped with an AED and our first aid volunteers receive regular training to operate that device.

“Following notification of the grant, we engaged a qualified registered trainer.

The 12 volunteer members are currently registering to do the initial part of the course online, including an exam, and then a full day’s practical training.

“We expect the accreditation to be completed by the end of nJuly.

“Peninsula Villages are kindly donating their training facilities for the day long practical workshop.”

Pannowitz said it only took weeks after training first began for the skills to be called upon.

“Our shed was recently reminded of the advantage of continuing first aid training in April, when one of our members suffered a cardiac episode while being driven home,” Pannowitz added.

“The quick thinking of the driver applying the first aid training received at our shed went a long way towards the complete recovery of his mate during a stay in Gosford Hospital.”

Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks, welcomed the decision to award the Umina Beach Men’s Shed with the funding.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Australians, including the Umina Beach Men’s Shed turned to technology to stay connected with each other,” Wicks said.

“This funding means that the Umina Beach Men’s Shed can buy new IT equipment and provide training to their members, allowing them to stay in touch through written media or audio and video connections.

“Men’s Sheds provide a safe and friendly environment for men to gather and or work on meaningful projects, with the ultimate aim of improving the health and wellbeing of their members.”

Maisy Rae