Woolworths create Quiet Hour shopping experience

Woolworths Woy Woy will now offer a low-sensory ‘Quiet Hour’ shopping experience in a bid to reduce anxiety and sensory stress for customers with specific needs.

The weekly session will be held on Tuesdays between 10:30am and 11:30am.

During this hour, temporary changes are made to the store, including turning off bakery ovens or chicken cooker buzzers, reducing volume on store phones and registers on the trading floor, clearing store entry ways, reducing lighting and in-store music, removing roll cages from the shop floor, and stopping all PA announcements, excluding in cases of an emergency.

Woolworths Woy Woy Manager, Steve Clark said the initiative was a welcome addition to the store.

“Our customers have told us there’s a need in the community for a low-sensory shopping experience in the area, so we’re pleased to expand Quiet Hour to Woolworths Woy Woy,” Clark said.

“Our team takes great pride in ensuring the store is quieter and less stressful for customers who want to shop during Quiet Hour, and we look forward to welcoming them in store.”

The May 11 announcement detailed the initiative would be rolled out nationally, following a successful trial run in select stores across the country.

The low sensory proposal was also developed in consultation with disability service providers at Life Without Barriers.

Chief Executive of Life Without Barriers, Claire Robbs, said it was a fantastic initiative that helped recognise the different needs of some Woolworths’ customers.

“It gives people a way to do their shopping and increase their independence in an environment that is not stressful and overwhelming to them,” Robbs said.

Media release, May 11