Kookaburra now greets students and teachers

Chittaway Bay Public School has a new mural at their front entrance, ready to greet students, teachers, parents and visitors to the school.

The design for the new mural was created by Callie Christensen, and it depicts a Kookaburra sitting on a fence, as well as some Aboriginal Art.

Christensen was the winner of an art competition held in 2020 to find a design for the school’s front entrance, with her design being the winner of a vote held by the school.

“The art competition was a brainwave I had.

“There was a mural there but it was painted over in 2019, so we held an art competition to create a new mural,” said Chittaway Bay Public School Principal, Nish Green.

To bring her vision to life, local artists Grant and Russell Molony were tasked with putting paint to the brush and creating the mural.

The mural aims to inspire with the beauty of nature and bring the natural world into the built environment, and it does this with the use of colours to showcase the connection between the land and sky.

“The Kookaburra was painted as it is part of our school’s logo, and the mural took about four days to complete.

“Everyone loves the new mural and thinks it is brilliant,” Green said.

Harry Mulholland