Gosford Council wharf is a disaster

Image: Coast Bar & Restaurant (the old Iguana Joe's)Image: Coast Bar & Restaurant (the old Iguana Joe's)

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What a great pity and eyesore the Gosford council wharf and The Coast Bar and Restaurant have become.

It is the first thing in Gosford visitors see and it has become a hoarders’ dump site.

The restaurant and surrounding car parks have become a dump site for derelict old cars and trailers.

There is also a flat bed truck which is most likely how the derelict vehicles get there.

Hoarders don’t stop.

That area will be a wrecking yard.

The restaurant’s security alarm was on for days two weeks ago and the place was boarded up after thieves attempted to get in.

Some locals reported toilet paper near the wharf.

Seeing there are no toilets there, it can only come from the people living on boats at the wharf.

I suspect the Central Coast rate payers will eventually have to pay to clean all this crap up in the future.

What a disaster.

Email, May 16
Hernan Ratto, Tascott

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  1. Salvatore Mauceri | May 25, 2021 at 7:30 pm |

    Not only Gosford wharf all the central coast it been neglected I went at the entrance the other day and they took all the rubbish bins away big mistake the two councils merge now they are bankrupt and nothing gets done not good for tourism no good for business the entrance is becoming a complete ghost town all the banks gone the cinema gone 50% of the shops all shat down it’s a shame while council and state governments are willing of doing nothing very disappointed because this is where I live

  2. Needs to be the first building demolished in Gosford.

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