Artwork and flag raising build connection between Aboriginal community and police

Maurice Goolagong and Kylie Cassidy unveiled their artworks

A local artist and aboriginal education officer from Brisbane Water Secondary College Umina has had his artwork unveiled in the foyer of Gosford Police Station on Tuesday, April 20.

Maurice Goolagong, along with Kylie Cassidy, presented their artworks which aimed to demonstrate the building of positive relationships between the police and local Darkinjung people.

Goolagong said the inspiration behind his painting was to tell a story around Gosford police and the community, and what this partnership represents.

“I always feel proud and happy whenever I see my artwork hanging or painted on a wall around the Coast community,” Goolagong said.

“I think it’s very important that Gosford Police and the Aboriginal community are working together to have a better understanding of each other.

“And to have the Aboriginal flag raised every morning outside the station is a small step in working together with both parties.”

The Ceremony was attended by a range of guests including, Deputy Commissioner, Gary Warboys; Brisbane Water Police District Commander, Brett Greentree; State members Liesl Tesch and Adam Crouch, and members of Brisbane Water Police and local aboriginal community.

The unveiling of the artwork followed an inaugural raising of the Aboriginal flag ceremony at the Mann St station.

Kevin Duncan, on behalf of the Darkinjung people, performed the ‘Welcome to Country’ and smoking ceremony as the flag was raised.

BJ Duncan on behalf of the consultative committee also spoke on the meaning of the flag to the local community.

Maisy Rae

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  1. Rob clarsen | May 6, 2021 at 5:50 pm |

    Re lay the blame at the feet of the councillors
    The amalgamation of the 2 councils was given millions of dollars to successfully do the job of amalgamation.
    It was a labor council that didn’t do the job correctly
    Stop blaming everyone in state government for the inability of the labor council to work within its means and budget.
    With the attitude you have it was always going to fail and labor was never going to take responsibility for it’s record losses. We need change and a lot of it.

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