New roundabout is a huge waste of money

A new roundabout planned for Ocean Pde and Boondilla Rd at Blue Bay

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Central Coast Council is going is to construct a roundabout on the corner of Ocean Pde and Boondilla Ave, The Entrance, which I think is a huge waste of money.

This intersection and relating roads have no history of accidents, congestion or speeding.

The current intersection is absolutely fit for purpose.

It is a massive waste of Council money, particularly when ratepayers are now being faced with rate rises.

There are many more important works to prioritise, such as fixing the terrible potholed roads in the area.

An example is Eloora Rd, just north of Toowoon Bay shops, which is absolutely dangerous to drive along at the speed limit as the potholes are massive.

This roundabout will impact my business by permanently removing eight vital car parks and during construction will close off the only access to the restaurant and motel.

My business employs 26 people and guests come from Sydney and Newcastle to dine with us and some stay overnight, which supports other local businesses.

If this unnecessary roundabout goes ahead, my business will more than likely close, after just going through forced closure and Covid restrictions, it’s just terrible.

The Council didn’t contact us and it looks like they’re starting work on the roundabout in the next few weeks.

It’s a huge waste of money.

Email, Apr 12
Brett Dengate, The Entrance


A statement from Central Coast Council says the upgrade of Ocean Pde and Boondilla Ave intersection to a single-lane roundabout was identified and part-funded by The Entrance District Development Contributions Plan.

The Plan is based on prior studies and technical reports including The Entrance District Traffic Management Plan adopted by Council.

As part of Council’s consultation process on upcoming road and drainage projects, Council officers wrote to adjacent property owners in October 2020 providing details of the proposal and seeking comment.

Construction works are scheduled to commence in the 2021-22 financial year, subject to Council adoption of the Capital Works Program.

The angled parking in Boondila Rd will remain in place, however, a small number of on-street carparking spaces are proposed to be removed in the concept design.

Ample on-street carparking in nearby streets remains available.

Council regularly inspects the road network to identify defects, including potholes, with any defects, identified scheduled for future maintenance on a priority risk basis.