We don’t need more political propaganda

Deborah O'Neill

Forum –

I usually ignore the constant political point scoring put out by Senator Deborah O’Neill but for her to criticise the Government which suspended the Mayor and councillors and appointed Dick Persson as Administrator to fix up their mess; it’s a bit rich coming from the Labor Party.

Ms O’Neill should occasionally look out her front door and see our third world local roads which are being upgraded in Copacabana being funded by the current Government in default of Council, which is primarily responsible for local roads but has failed dismally dating back decades.

At least the present Government is actually doing something about our failed Council, unlike past Governments.

To add insult to injury, Labor Party councillors and the Mayor recently scuttled the partly built coastal stairway project linking Copacabana and Avoca, despite Council’s own community survey showing the majority of Coastal residents voted for it.

Alas, 18 months later we have a stairway to nowhere at a significant cost which we all paid for that now benefits no one.

Political propaganda is not what our Coast needs, it needs a competent Council (to provide) long-suffering residents with quality infrastructure and services which hopefully Dick Persson can achieve as he has done with other basket-case councils.

This will be a 100 per cent improvement from where we are now.

Email, Mar 12
Rod Robey, Copacabana