Lifting the veil of obfuscation

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So, Gary Murphy wasn’t even there when it happened or, if he was there, nobody told him what was going on or, if anybody mentioned it to him, he didn’t realize how serious it was or, if he realized how serious it was, he didn’t think it was his responsibility (CCN 281).

Maybe, Gary Murphy wasn’t even employed by Central Coast Council at the time.

The whole thing was probably being run by a malicious AI computer, bent on bankrupting us all and bringing local government into disrepute for reasons known only to the original programmer.

Who can guess?

Let us hope that the current petition before Parliament leads to a full judicial inquiry that can lift the veil of obfuscation and finger-pointing that seems to surround the whole sorry affair and which seems to get more opaque with every new comment.

Email, Mar 5
Bruce Hyland, Woy Woy