Why doesn’t council make money by redeveloping its own building?

Gosford Council Chambers sale will add to council's cash.

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I write regarding the future of 49 Mann St Gosford (Gosford Council chambers).

This building is soundly built, designed by local firm Grenfell Frazer and could easily be converted to residential apartments.

New plumbing shafts would be needed but existing air conditioners could be converted, public toilets, three floors of parking and lift are all usable and could all save a developer massive redevelopment costs.

Appropriately planned the redevelopment and strata sales of an estimated 50 units is very doable.

One block from the Central Coast Leagues Club, two blocks from the waterfront and three blocks from the railway station.

The question is: Is Council capable of managing the redevelopment itself and using the sale value including any profit to reduce its debt?

Or does it need the expertise of a private developer and ratepayers loose again?

Email, Mar 8
Ken Howes, Picketts Valley