Charges should be waived

Wyong Council Chambers

Forum –

Congratulations to all involved in this year’s wonderful Australia Day Ceremony at Wagstaffe Square.

This has become one of the most outstanding and iconic events of the year and draws the community together in an inclusive celebration of what it means to be Australian.

This year’s occasion was particularly special; as with all previous Council funding withdrawn, it went ahead due to a mix of philanthropy and communal good will.

One great relief was the absence of the political whistle-stop grandstanding that has marked it in the past.

In its place was a list of charges for security, publicity, rubbish removal and rent of a space that is lovingly cared for and enhanced by the local community.

Really, Central Coast Council, is this example of wowserism what we can now expect as rate payers?

Surely if you are nor prepared to contribute to the event you could at least waive those charges.

Letter, Feb 10
Dr. Noelene Brasche, Killcare