Time to get your hearing checked

Over 4,000 Woy Woy residents are living with hearing loss and using the wrong aids, according to new data released by Specsavers Audiology.

The research revealed that 4,037 people in the area aged 40 and over are “making do” with incorrect hearing solutions.

The data suggests 41 per cent of hearing aid users are worried the cost will be too high to correct it, with a further 25 per cent noting that the process would be too confusing.

Ahead of Hearing Awareness Week on March 1, Woy Woy Specsavers Audiology Professional, Supriya Gopal, said she wanted to urge locals to get their hearing checked.

“Two things are incredibly important when looking after your hearing, firstly to make sure you are getting your hearing checked regularly to ensure that any changes are noticed by your audiology professional,” Gopal said.

“Secondly, make sure you ask all the right questions at your appointment to ensure you’re getting the right hearing solution for your lifestyle, budget and needs with the aftercare you deserve.”

Gopal also suggested locals demand to know the costs upfront and be comfortable they have an understanding of the product before purchasing the hearing aid.

Specsavers’ data also indicated that of 56 per cent of residents aged 40 and over have not had their hearing checked in the last three years.

Media release, Feb 15
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