Funds raised from The Entrance Lions Sunday market support local schools

Kayleigh and Michelle in Year 5 at The Entrance Public School

The Entrance Public School and Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College have shared $8,000 from the Lions Club of The Entrance for a range of academic programs.

For 64 years, the club has supported young people through a range of educational programs, made possible by funds raised from The Entrance Lions Sunday market.

Club Treasurer, Bob Dunne, said Lions was an organisation committed to, among other things, the five major areas of disaster relief, medical research, helping the environment, community and youth projects.

“Our club ensures that money is given to all those five key areas but is always mindful that the community and youth of The Entrance area are our first priority,” he said.

“It does this by funding The Entrance Public School for its School Book Reading Program, its Public Speaking program and providing student academic scholarships.

“The Lions Club also helps Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College by funding student scholarships at both Tumbi Umbi Campus and Berkeley Vale Campus, four ongoing university scholarships for students from the senior campus at The Entrance as well as sports scholarships.

“We also contribute to The Entrance Senior Campus Leadership Program through the Lions Youth Exchange Program and Lions Youth of The Year Program.

“All of these programs are ongoing,” Dunne said.

Principal of The Entrance Public School, Dave Stitt, said that for more than six years, the Lions Club has supported the school by donating funds to purchase books.

“Over 1,000 children have received over 2,000 books in that time,” he said.

“Often these children have not had the opportunity to have their own books inside their homes and the joy and happiness the children show when they receive their book is amazing.

“It is wonderful to see that once every child gets their own book, they return to class and immediately want to read.

“Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power,” Stitt said.

“’It is nice how they give the books because some books are expensive,” said Year 5 pupil, Michelle.

“It is good for our brains to read different books.”

Another Year 5 student, Kayleigh, said they all appreciated getting the books.

“It is good how they give children free books because some children cannot afford books,” she said.

“You can choose your own books and it is interesting to see all of the different books.”

Principal Stitt said results at the school had been improving year on year.

Although he believed that many things contributed to this, the link with the Lions Club of The Entrance and the programs they assisted with, went a long way to helping the school support their students.

Media release, Feb 17
Lions Club of The Entrance