Tim Tam takes those first hops

Tim Tam the kangaroo joey

One of the Australian Reptile Park’s kangaroo joeys got into the Aussie spirit by taking her first hops just days before Australia Day.

With the first hops being so close to the day, keepers could not resist calling the joey after the iconic Australian icon, the Tim Tam biscuit.

Although small, Tim Tam has already stolen the hearts of visitors and keepers, seemingly wobbly on her tiny little feet and learning to explore the park.

The joey is sticking closely to her mum’s side but will presumably begin to venture further away as she gets confident.

Park General Manager, Tim Faulkner, said getting out of the pouch is a big step for new joeys.

“I love when we start to see kangaroo joeys begin to pop out of the pouch, and we’ve seen a few others popping their heads out of pouches over the past few weeks,” Faulkner said.

“It’s always so exciting when they take the great big leap from Mum’s pouch, and what a time to do it – just in time for Australia Day.”

The joey is a part of The Australian Reptile Park’s kangaroo mob which visitors to the Park can interact with and hand-feed.

Media release, Jan 25
Australian Reptile Park