Ratepayers should not bear burden

Central Coast Council Photo: Justin StanleyCentral Coast Council Photo: Justin Stanley

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When I began getting my rates notices, I noticed I was paying for non-existent storm water drainage.

I went to the Council and they said “Oh that’s for future construction” – right.

Many must have complained as the fee disappeared in the end of year rates notice only.

We have no kerb or guttering and a thin strip of asphalt with rough pothole shoulders; our road is third world as well.

Some are worse, with signage saying road under water every time it rains – Shepard St is a good example and I use it for under car washing.

Add all of this up and you can see why residents are angry with Council over rates – existing infrastructure is extremely poor and not worth an increase to pay for third world systems.

For these Council people to claim that other councils have higher rates and we should align with their rates is not credible as the others will have better infrastructure from better management.

The CCC has incurred big losses before.

Central Coast Council should be brought to account, not given a mandate for higher rates.

There should be absolutely no power to increase the burden onto the ratepayer as this is absolutely abhorrent.

Email, Jan 15
John Strang, Woy Woy