Police crackdown on trail bikers with Operation Hondo

Operation Hondo across Tuggerah Lakes

In response to numerous community and ministerial complaints, Police attached to Tuggerah Lakes Highway Patrol launched Operation Hondo over the weekend ending Sunday, January 17, with a focus to target the use of unregistered trail bikes in the district as well as complaints of reckless rider behaviour.

The joint operation between Tuggerah Lakes and Lake Macquarie Policing Districts saw Highway Patrol officers along with local district Police and specialist trail bike officers targeting locations between Catherine Hill Bay and San Remo, with the support of the NSW Police Air Wing.

As a result of the operation, 120 infringement notices were issued for various offences along with seven charges for offences ranging from driving/riding whilst disqualified, unlicensed, never held and Mid Range Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (PCA).

Additionally, six defect notices were issued and three unregistered trail bikes were seized under the Road Transport Act 2013, after the riders made attempts to evade Police.

Police utilised covert and aerial surveillance to track and engage with the riders for the safety of the community.

Applications are being made through the Local Court for the bikes to be permanently forfeited to the Crown.

Future Operations will be planned to deter this behaviour in the community.

Dilon Luke