New pump track coming to Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park


Members of the Central Coast Mountain Bike Club (CCMTB) have been hard at work building a new pump track at Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park.

The park custodians commenced construction of the new feature in December and hope to have it opened and ready by the end of February.

A looped trail of berms, turns and rollers, CCMTB Secretary, Leif Arnebark, said the new pump track would cater to the region’s influx of young and beginner riders and improve the park’s overall offering.

“While anybody can enjoy riding a pump track, they’re a great practice tool for beginners and younger riders.

“They’re kind of like a skate park for mountain bikes, in the sense that you can ride them just for fun, or ride in a specific way to train certain skills.

“It’s also going to be a first for Ourimbah Mountain Bike Park, and everyone at CCMTB is really excited to be delivering this progressive bit of infrastructure,” Arnebark said.

2020 was a massive year for mountain and trail biking on the Central Coast, with the sport experiencing record growth as more people looked for ways to stay fit and active during the pandemic.

And according to Arnebark, that trend appears to be continuing in 2021, with thousands of riders making their way to Ourimbah over the summer school holidays.

“We’ve had around 1,000 people through every week since December and we even had one of our busiest race weekends ever, with 950 riders in over the two days, so we’ve definitely been kept busy and it’s nice to know that all the work we’re doing to improve the park is paying off,” Arnebark said.

Dilon Luke