Jilliby rezone plan to go to Minister

Approximate location of the land rezoning. Image: Google Maps 2021

A Planning Proposal to rezone 85.56ha of Jilliby land for rural residential development will now go to the NSW Planning Minister for consideration.

It is expected the Jilliby proposal will yield about 19 rural residential lots, off Hue Hue Rd close to the Sparks Rd M1 interchange.

Part of the land will be rezoned E3 Environmental Management (21.6ha) and the remainder to E4 Environmental Living (63.96ha).

The subject lots in Sandra St, Jilliby, earmarked for Environment Living are numbers 40, 50, and 80 while numbers 60 and 70 will be Environment Management, which will create a green corridor through the middle of the overall site.

Another site at 11 Cottesloe Rd will be rezoned to Environmental Living.

The land varies from cleared grazing land through to lightly timbered pastureland and slopes.

Administrator, Dick Persson, and Council staff undertook a site inspection in November and the matter was reviewed by the Central Coast Local Planning Panel on December 10, which deemed rezoning to have merit and that Council should proceed with a Planning Proposal.

The Planning Proposal for the Jilliby rural residential area will now go to the NSW Planning Minister to decide whether it should proceed, with or without variation, known as a Gateway Determination.

Some matters requiring more detailed investigation and community consultation will follow the outcome of the Minister’s Gateway Determination.

Sue Murray

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