Who will implement recommended actions?

Pictured: Rik Hart (left) and Dick Persson

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Let’s face the facts; the selected administrator is only going to change the icing on the cake.

He is not intending to create a new cake with all the trimmings.

Advice in CCN Issue 268 is puzzling, as it is claimed collection of important data and assessment thereof will not be available til late January, 2021.

Won’t this be the time Mr Persson is destined to take on his next LGA amalgamation problem?

Who will be responsible for implementing recommended actions?

Another administrator or the Premier of NSW?

I believe it will be the Premier, because she will have total control over the LGA and its development.

This is an opportunity too good to deny.

2020 was a very interesting year; 2021 will bring another bag full of problems.

It is not over when COVID is over.

The administrator can’t clean up this mess in three months.

There will be plenty of icing for the Christmas cakes.

Letter, Nov 23
Norm Harris, Umina