Huge thanks to medical staff

Gosford Hospital’s emergency department

Forum –

I just lost my son Chris to prostate cancer.

He was my last child and he joins his late sister, Louise Lee, and his brother, Adrian.

May I express my deep gratitude to Dr. Michael Chang and his associates at Gosford Cancer Clinic for their exceptional help and care.

I would also like to thank Gosford Hospital staff for showing Chris such understanding, courtesy and kindness in the last month of his life; my sincere thanks to you all.

How thankful we should be for, and not take for granted, the numerous facilities in our great health system – which is the envy of the world.

I too remember that a Federal Government whose brilliant foresight enabled them to accede their policy that it was the fundamental right of all to have free and accessible medical care.

Letter, Nov 26
Mary Notman, Niagara Park