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Gosford's Council Chambers.

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One of the few positives arising from the shambles created by our Council is that, to realize some spending money, the Administrator might be forced to get rid of the Council Offices in Gosford.

The whole Council administration should have been consolidated in Wyong three years ago, and, in fact, it’s impossible to understand why the then-Administrator didn’t do so four years ago, when his main task was supposed to be setting up a working operation for the incoming Council to take over.

However, that Administrator did so few things that he could and should have done that one more is probably not surprising.

It is essential that the current Administrator be extended to, at least, September 2021, so that order can be recovered from the present chaos.

Obviously, the previous Administrator left the organization totally unprepared for management by amateur councillors, and it is vital that we avoid making this same mistake again.

Let the Administrator stay until there is a working system in place, no matter how long that takes.

Email, Dec 7
Bruce Hyland, Woy Woy