Hillview Farmstead refused permission to be a wedding venue

The Hillview Farmstead

A Wyong Creek wedding venue has been refused permission to re-establish the business.

Approval had previously been granted for the business to operate for one year with marquees being used for the events.

When the Local Planning Panel met on November 12, it refused two development applications from Hillview Farmstead to operate an events venue at the 1376 Yarramalong Rd site.

Hillview wanted permission to continue to operate a wedding and events business using a shed as the venue and the heritage farmhouse as accommodation.

The Panel said the development was a prohibited land use under the current E3 Environmental Management zoning.

It said Conservation Incentives of the Wyong Local Environmental Plan 2013 were not applicable, mainly because the application had not demonstrated that the proposal would facilitate the conservation of the heritage homestead.

The Panel said the proposed development was likely to have an adverse impact on the surrounding area including because of noise/acoustic impacts.

It said the development was adverse to the public interest.

The panel did not allow the proposed change of use for the shed to be a function centre because, as proposed, it was a prohibited land use under current planning rules.

Merilyn Vale