Doggy themed exhibition tells artist’s story of COVID-19

Maree Azzopardi with one of her fur babies and muses, Oh Sabiha

For many of us, our pets proved to be an irreplaceable source of comfort and companionship during lockdown and that’s exactly the subject of Maree Azzopardi’s latest exhibition.

The Entrance based artist has just launched her ‘Dog Days and Stuff’ exhibition at the Central Coast Virtual Reality Space, with the entire collection an ode to her dachshunds.

With her work featured in major galleries and private collections around the world, 2020 was supposed to be another busy year for Azzopardi until the pandemic brought her life to a screeching halt.

After starting the year with a successful solo exhibition in Rome in January, Azzopardi was supposed to travel to Lisbon and the Canary Islands for her next lot of shows, before the world seemingly shutdown overnight.

With overseas travel off the table, Azzopardi returned home to the Coast to weather the COVID storm, but with no one to go home to and no visitors allowed, loneliness and frustration took their toll on the Artist until she found solace in her pet family.

“When my mental health started declining, my saviours were my dachshunds, Oh Sabiha and Lampuki.

“They have been my absolute lifeline and then when restrictions were relaxed, the ocean was my other saviour.

“That’s why I’ve dedicated this fun little exhibition to them.

Dog Days and Stuff is on at the Central Coast Virtual Reality Space until December 27.

Dilon Luke