The quality of the ABC speaks for itself

Commenting on Dr Padmanabhan’s letter in Issue 264 concerning ABC bias: Yes, it is reasonable to expect our ABC to report in a fair and balanced manner.

We need that to help us have properly informed views of world affairs.

Yes, they have been guilty of allowing some sub-standard journalism from time to time.

However, take a look at the competition – controlled by “The Establishment” and the foreign Murdoch camp.

The reporting is sloppy, relentlessly and extremely biased, often peddling as news, views which defy credibility.

And, of course, news which doesn’t suit the owners doesn’t get presented at all.

The quality of ABC shows in general is far better than the trash presented on commercial TV.

We are very fortunate to have Central Coast News reporting our local affairs in great detail, unlike the previous now departed alternative.

Support for the needy and homeless is always a worthy activity for any decent society.

Email, Oct 21
R.Ashcroft, Green Point