State Government needs to implement guidelines to help councils

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I wrote to Central Coast Council on June 29 and Chronicle (Forum July 15), voicing my concern over the possible inequality of charges levies against the two former local government areas when the Wyong and Gosford councils amalgamated.

It was just one of many letters warning of trouble.

I was worried that residents in the northern suburbs would bear a greater financial burden than those of the southern part of the Central Coast.

These concerns and others of pending financial doom were not heeded by any of the councillors, and when I expressed concerns about the lack of management and poor business decisions, I never received a response.

Over-staffing is one of the issues.

The non business like attitude of most of the councillors and management is another.

The former Wyong Shire Council residents endured a 31 percent increase to get us out of trouble last time, let’s hope we don’t get slugged again.

Some blame needs to be shared with the State Government, which never gave a blueprint on how to make amalgamation work, but it also needs to be pointed out that the majority of councils in NSW are in financial trouble.

This is largely due to the incorrect view that money grows on trees.

There is no rigour in dealing with purchasing, staffing and pay issues, and generally making poor decisions on policy.

The State Government needs to implement guidelines to help these councils through a period of change.

Email, Nov 15
Garry Clifford, Glenning Valley