Murdoch documentary appreciated

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May I again congratulate our ABC, justifying its important existence with its brilliant and enlightening series and documentary on Rupert Murdoch.

Having always been aware that his virulent tentacles were globally spread, however, I was appalled that so many British MPs had fallen under his sagacious, cunning spell, especially my disgust at Tony Blair’s amount of groveling.

My apprehension about him appears to be proven and is not the standard that we in the Labor Party expected of our PM at that time and he should be remembered for this.

I was greatly impressed that so many Brits quite recently rebelled against News Limited’s lack of coverage on climate change.

It takes great courage to stand up and be counted and not have feet of clay, especially against the rich and powerful.

So to here, our Australian News Limited has a majority of media coverage and sadly it’s allowed.

Murdoch, with his shrewd agenda, entertains and befriends our PMs, politicians and diplomats to acquire and influence the policies and government of his choosing.

I do recall his wonderful, gracious, late mother, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, stating that she didn’t always agree (with) or condone his business dealings.

His son James, who recently resigned from the family board, is not a climate sceptic.

How thankful we are to have your independent newspapers on the Coast, so badly needed.

Editors have always been allowed to determine the content of their papers, but apparently, not at News Limited.

We are all aware of Donald Trump’s constant idiosyncrasies, but it is still beyond my comprehension that this brilliant, ruthless media mogul Murdoch, with such towering intellect, is a climate sceptic.

Although the world is grappling with this dreaded pandemic (COVID-19), on no account must we push aside climate change.

In Prince William’s impressive documentary, he expresses his grave concern for the planet.

His father, Prince Charles, a long time environment advocate whom I greatly admire, must be very proud of him, as I am.

Surely the world’s politicians should embrace the finding and advice of eminent scientists.

The loved and respected Sir David Attenborough, whose entire life has been embellishing and promoting the world of nature, said these famous words recently: “it’s not too late if we act now”.

Maybe, just maybe, if the perspicacious of us outflank the sceptics, we may save our wonderful world and planet for generations.

Email, Oct 15
Mary Keenotenau, Niagara Park